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Artist Loughery weaves writing, painting and community social engagement in layered installations which speak to female archetypes, personal narratives and artistic visual language. Exploring the  slippages between language and form, her work seeps into collaboration of visual inter-generational and inter -cultural conversations that leave visual conversations. “The active intelligence of language through the creation of collaborative art,” for Loughery there is no distinction between the different art forms or objects, everything is a signifier or a connector. 

The work Loughery has created over the last decades separate from her massive public art mural projects is personal and incidental, to female icons throughout history and in the present, pushing and pulling in different directions. In the return Loughery returns to her home town in an invitation to reveal the past heroines and mentors that supported the arts in BC for nearly 100 years. Story telling is often the starting point of art production, from concept to creation. Conversations become lines, become work titles, transforming the  into the physical space of the gallery, or walls become pages, unfolding narratives populated by objects and materials. The Women of Michel-The Reclamation -Dust on the Line exhibition is a space in which hierarchies collapse, poetry, writing and female personal narratives are combined and meaning becomes a clothes line of collaborative form. The audience lingers throughout the work, in a photographic collage and created art left hanging on the line.  In this new body of work a series of sequences are presented; deconstructed art dresses, glass art, hanging photographic collages,  table linens, bed sheets,  ink , encaustic and traditional paintings are windows into the art and a clothes line  and hanging distracted pieces of her are displayed  to stretch and physically push the viewers limits. The potentiality of podcast and wayfinder art skills sharing during interview interplay manifests in the exhibition title, PIECES OF HER .  The potential for new narratives to be formed and exchanged on ARTROUTE RADIO podcast in is intergeneration story telling in a powerful exchange.

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