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The story dress

Finding Inspiration, connection and healing in the art of the art story dress.

The art installations and art podcast of acclaimed Muralist Michelle Loughery are evocative and emotional. The deconstruction of the reclaimed vintage wedding dresses

reveal much in the the layers she removes from the layers of  lace and silk.

Found objects release the unseen and create emotional dialogue with the viewer 

and origin of the dress.

The inspiration of the installation and podcast story series is deep within 

her own coal mining community roots and the small rural town. Michel B.C., that she was named after. 

In Loughery's global world there was a found connection that seemed

to always tie back to the connection of the coal.

This collection of work is  honour of  her mother, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, cousins and the women of Michel....their story in pieces. 

The story of the dress.

The wedding dress.

The dress that represents hope and love, the bare canvas of life. 

Piece by piece that silk canvas is morphed and cut away revealing layers of the life and

loss, the joys and the tears, that like the threads of a fine embroidered pillow case stand the test of time in the feminine story of the art of  life's work well done.

Our Story

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