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Patricia -Chantilly Lace

Pieces of Her......this blog is the first blog for the pieces of her show.

The original dress is the Patricia dress.. made in honour of my mama.

join the Women of Michel as I explore the art of the story dress, the stories of many women and the journey of the dresses I meet along the way..

But this first dress is a wonderful dress. I found the dress on the buy and sell. My husband and son picked it up in Coldstream BC. It was owned by a women from Spain. She was very sad to see it go. The head dress was a very elaborate crown that was really tall. The photos show how lacey the crown was, and it matched the very heavy lace on the bottom of the gown. The dress cut like a dream. Heavy layers of lace falling everywhere. I dipped the bottom of the dress in coal dust and pigment to brig the coal dust in from my mama and my town of Michel BC.

The dress my mom chose. I decided at 14 to cut up to make a doll dress.

This is my mom in the famous dress. She paid $500 dollars for it in 1959. She bought in in Calgary and it was Chantilly lace.

This is my Aunt Jean wearing the dress, my mom lost most of the professional photos taken of her. My Aunt Betty also wore the famous dress.

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