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Artist Michelle Loughery is creating unique and inspiring art installations that are made with vintage wedding dresses as the canvas. Bringing  to life stories of human resilience, particularly those of women.  Each dress embodies a unique story, and we use our digital platforms to share those stories with the world in the most creative way possible. Every art installation we create is intended to be a testament to the incredible strength and perseverance of women everywhere.

IMG_0466 copy.jpg
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the women of Michel 

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​A digital clothes line of art installations made of vintage wedding dresses. Loughery engages the viewer in the process

​Through her podcast platform and digital mediums Loughery is providing an unique lens into the destruction and the creation of the art pieces. Providing insight to the women's struggles, triumphs and everything in between. 

A raw and evocative view at the creation of art installations through a multi digital lens.

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