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Pieces of Her is an artist collective.

Our work is focused on creating powerful conversations about the lives of women. We strive to make art that is accessible, interactive, and educational.

Through our innovative art dress collection, we bring together digital and physical elements to tell an evocative story.

Our mission is to provide a platform for women to express themselves and share their experiences .


Michelle Loughery is a multi-disciplinary artist, muralist, and social entrepreneur based in BC, Canada. Born in a coal mining town that was part of a relocation scheme in the 1960s, Michelle learned early on about the power of community renewal through art and engagement.


She has dedicated her career to using art as a tool for social change and has won numerous prestigious awards, including the BC Achievement Award. Michelle is best known for inventing the WAYFINDER PROJECT,

a social art model that has raised millions of dollars for community art and infrastructure projects.


She has worked with at-risk youth, indigenous youth, and seniors globally to build a tourism legacy through public art murals. Her work has earned substantial federal grants, including a crime prevention grant for $1 million, and has created thousands of jobs for youth and students who have been trained in the WAYFINDER ARTworks model.


In recent years, Michelle has expanded her work to include digital art and a podcast, with a focus on social inclusion and fair distribution of artistic and cultural properties. She is also the driving force behind the BC Legacy Highway, now known as Art Route Blue, a series of digital destination mural town routes that tell the evolving histories of communities while preserving their past stories.


Michelle's work has been groundbreaking and has shown the world that art and creativity can be powerful tools for community development, job creation, and social change. She believes that the invisible assets of the creative economy need to be recognized and valued, and she is working to create a new economy model and community design philosophy that builds social bridges and brings communities together. Michelle is a true visionary who is dedicated to making the world a more creative and inclusive place.

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