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Portrait series

In the art series WOMEN OF MICHEL, I aim to create space installation and portrait art that emotionally resonates with the viewer, with digital story-telling creating a multifaceted experience.

The work Loughery has created over the last decades separate from her massive public art wayfinder mural projects is personal and incidental, to female icons throughout history and in the present, pushing and pulling in different directions. Loughery returns to her home town in an invitation to reveal the past heroines and mentors that supported the arts in BC for nearly 100 years.


Story telling is often the starting point of art production, from concept to creation. The potentiality of podcast and WAYFINDER art skills sharing during interview interplay manifests in the exhibition title, "PIECES OF HER".  Each one of my pieces is a visual and digital exploration into the various complexities of the human experience. Through my artistic vision, I invite the viewer to engage with their own emotions and connect with the world in a deeper and more meaningful way.


This series of art and digital art installations, I am passionate about exploring the connection between art and emotions. My passion has always been artistic expression as a way to communicate raw emotions. From a young age, I found that I could pour my heart out onto a canvas or through a sketch and let my creativity give voice to what I couldn't put into words.


A  self-taught artist dedicated to conveying the nuances and complexities of human experiences through my unique works. My art is raw and honest, and it speaks to those who seek to capture the essence of the human condition in every piece.My artwork is a reflection of my life experiences, and I use it to connect with others on a deep and meaningful level. Each piece is unique and tells a story that I hope resonates with people from different walks of life. I believe that art should inspire, ignite emotions, and challenge us to see the world through a different lens. If you’re interested in exploring this connection, I’d love to discuss my work with you. Whether you are an art enthusiast or someone looking to start your own collection. Michelle Loughery is a multi-disciplinary artist, muralist, and social entrepreneur based in BC, Canada. Born in a coal mining town that was part of a relocation scheme in the 1960s, Michelle learned early on about the power of community renewal through art and engagement.


She has dedicated her career to using art as a tool for social change and has won numerous prestigious awards, including the BC Achievement Award. Michelle is best known for inventing the WAYFINDER PROJECT, a social art model that has raised millions of dollars for community art and infrastructure projects.

Artist Loughery weaves writing, painting and community social engagement in layered installations which speak to female archetypes, personal narratives and artistic visual language. Exploring the  slippages between language and form, her work seeps into collaboration of visual inter-generational and inter -cultural conversations that leave visual conversations. The potential for new narratives to be formed and exchanged on AR:T ROUTE RADIO podcast is intergeneration story-telling in a powerful exchange. She has worked with at-risk youth, indigenous youth, and seniors globally to build a tourism legacy through public art murals. Her work has earned extensive economic federal grants, including a crime prevention grant for $1 million, and has created thousands of jobs for youth and students who have been trained in the WAYFINDER ARTworks model.


In recent years, Michelle has expanded her work to include digital art and a podcast, with a focus on social inclusion and fair distribution of artistic and cultural properties. She is also the driving force behind the AR:T ROUTE CANADA-DESTINATION MURAL TOWN project


Michelle's work has been groundbreaking and has shown the world that art and creativity can be powerful tools for community development, job creation, and social change. She believes that the invisible assets of the creative economy need to be recognized and valued, and is a champion for human rights and copyright globally. Michelle is a true visionary contemporary trailblazing artist who is dedicated to making the world a more creative and inclusive place.

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