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  • Patricia -Chantilly Lace

    Pieces of Her......this blog is the first blog for the pieces of her show. The original dress is the Patricia dress.. made in honour of my mama. join the Women of Michel as I explore the art of the story dress, the stories of many women and the journey of the dresses I meet along the way.. But this first dress is a wonderful dress. I found the dress on the buy and sell. My husband and son picked it up in Coldstream BC. It was owned by a women from Spain. She was very sad to see it go. The head dress was a very elaborate crown that was really tall. The photos show how lacey the crown was, and it matched the very heavy lace on the bottom of the gown. The dress cut like a dream. Heavy layers of lace falling everywhere. I dipped the bottom of the dress in coal dust and pigment to brig the coal dust in from my mama and my town of Michel BC. The dress my mom chose. I decided at 14 to cut up to make a doll dress. This is my mom in the famous dress. She paid $500 dollars for it in 1959. She bought in in Calgary and it was Chantilly lace. This is my Aunt Jean wearing the dress, my mom lost most of the professional photos taken of her. My Aunt Betty also wore the famous dress.

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  • Artistmichelleloughery | Pieces Of Her

    the women of michel ... ..pieces of her Artist Michelle Loughery 0 The Women of Michel Pieces of HER Patricia Art scarves ​ ...the art of the STORY DRESS Digital ART & PODCAST ART INSTALLATION S & If you're looking for a new and exciting way to explore the world of art and storytelling then be sure to follow "P ieces of Her" The Women of Michel listen on Art Route Radio A digital clothes line of hanging art made of vintage wedding dresses Loughery engages the subject of each story the viewer in the process of the destruction and reconstruction of the work The origin of the work is based in the stories and art of the women of the erased coal-mining town Loughery was named after. Through her podcast platform, Art Route Radio, Michelle is providing a unique and intimate window into the lives of women, offering insights into their struggles, triumphs, and everything in between. ​ ​ ​ ​ The Women of Michel TESTIMONIALS "Michelle is creating a powerful platform for women's voices to be heard". A brilliant clothes line full of evocative linens and lace in ethereal art experiences. Evocative and magical thought provoking, it feels like the dresses talk... follow to experience the digital destruction and reconstruction "Pieces of Her" is a project that is not only visually stunning but also deeply impactful. It invites us to consider the lives of the women who once wore these vintage wedding dresses and to reflect on the experiences that have shaped their lives. It is a powerful reminder of the importance of listening to inclusive and intriguing women's stories and valuing their perspectives. ​ Lives that were touched by living in the coal dust of a Canadian Coal Town and some that made the journey to immigrate. Many the works also shine a lens on generational trauma, abuse, loss and resilience. In the experience the hope and power of women is celebrated and cherished, as the dresses were. Dresses collected from around the globe connect the feminine threads that tie all women together. Conversations become lines, become work titles, transforming the into the physical space of the gallery, or walls become pages, unfolding narratives populated by objects and materials. The Women of Michel-The Reclamation -Dust on the Line exhibition is a space in which hierarchies collapse, poetry, writing and female personal narratives are combined and meaning becomes a clothes line of collaborative form.The audience lingers throughout the work, in a photographic collage and created art left hanging on the line. In this new body of work a series of sequences are presented; deconstructed art dresses, glass art, hanging photographic collages, table linens, bed sheets, ink, encaustic and traditional paintings are windows into the art . Podcast

  • ARTIST LOUGHERY | The Women of Michel

    artist ARTIST MICHELLE LOUGHERY Artist Loughery weaves writing, painting and community social engagement in layered installations which speak to female archetypes, personal narratives and artistic visual language. Exploring the slippages between language and form, her work seeps into collaboration of visual inter-generational and inter -cultural conversations that leave visual conversations. ​ ​ The work Loughery has created over the last decades separate from her massive public art wayfinder mural projects is personal and incidental, to female icons throughout history and in the present, pushing and pulling in different directions. In the return Loughery returns to her home town in an invitation to reveal the past heroines and mentors that supported the arts in BC for nearly 100 years. Story telling is often the starting point of art production, from concept to creation. The potentiality of podcast and WAYFINDER art skills sharing during interview interplay manifests in the exhibition title, "PIECES OF HER". The potential for new narratives to be formed and exchanged on AR:T ROUTE RADIO podcast is intergeneration story-telling in a powerful exchange. Michelle Loughery MASTER ARTIST PODCAST HOSTT Pieces of Her I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It’s easy. Just click “Edit Text” or double click me to add your own content and make changes to the font.

  • Digital Gallery | The Women of Michel

    Story Dresses As an artist, my work reflects the complexities of our past, present and future. My latest collection, the "Women of Michel" series, is inspired by the coal mining town where I grew up and the stories of the women who lived there. Using a cut-up wedding dress, I aim to challenge traditional gender roles and explore themes of renewal, strength, and resilience. The delicate nature of the dress represents the fragility of societal expectations, while the bold and fragmented pieces symbolize the powerful transformations that occur when those expectations are broken. Through this work, I hope to celebrate the courage and determination of the women in my community, and to inspire others to embrace their own inner strength and creativity. My goal with the "Women of Michel" series is not just to create art, but to spark a conversation about the role of women in society and to challenge the status quo. I believe that art has the power to inspire change, and I am proud to be a part of that movement. Michelle Loughery's Women of Michel series is a powerful and evocative collection of installation art that combines digital forms such as video and podcast storytelling with traditional materials like lace. The artist takes a personal and emotional approach to her work, cutting up her own wedding dress to create pieces that explore the experiences and stories of women in the coal mining town of Michel, British Columbia. Through this series, Loughery aims to not only shed light on the forgotten or overlooked narratives of women in this community, but to also challenge and inspire viewers to reflect on the experiences and emotions that they hold close. The intricate lace work and multilayered digital content in this series work together to create a rich and moving tapestry of the women of Michel, capturing the complexities of their experiences and making a powerful statement about the power of renewal through social inclusion.

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